Picture of Acroprint 150

Acroprint 150

Automatic Print Time Clock
Manufacturer: Acroprint

A heavy-duty punch clock can handle thousands of print registrations per day.

The versatile time clock can be built to order with a variety of typewheel configurations including left-hand printing, Spanish month wheel and/or a symbol wheel. A model 150 time clock is suitable for time and attendance tracking, job costing, time and date recording and many other applications.

The Model 150 is an automatic-print time recorder that accepts standard time cards. The sturdy print mechanism is activated simply by inserting a time card, which allows for convenient one-hand operation.


  • Automatic Minute, Hour, and Day Changes
  • Uniform and Legible Registration on card or paper stock of any size cards
  • Rust and Corrosion Proof
  • Automatic Ribbon Feed and Reverse to assure long ribbon use
  • Designed for Wall, Desk, or Platform Mounting. Easy to Install.